Do YOU believe that inner-city youth DESERVE to have an education, aquire a job in the workforce, and encouragement in developing a successful plan for their life?  

If the answer is YES, we need YOUR help in raising funds for 4T’s. With your assistance youth will have the opportunity to complete their education, obtain an experience in the workforce, and gain the skills necessary to obtain a job and succeed in the workforce. They need the assistance that no one is providing them with.
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More information about 4T's:
4T's (Teaching Teens to Think) is an educational nonprofit which supports inner-city youth from NYC to plan for their future through our individualized programs and services. We work with youth aged 16 to 24, as well as partner with schools, nonprofits and communities in order to provide resources and services youth need to succeed. 
We enhance the lives of youth by providing them with experience in the workforce and teaching them to think about their careers and futures. 
Found out more from our website at http://www.4ts.org/index.html!


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